Peter Merrett

Peter MerrettGenie of Wonderful: former luxury Hotelier Peter Merrett; specialises in creating vibrant and multi award-winning business cultures, with tantalising customer experiences.

As the curator of fun-filled, uplifting (some say life – changing) experiences, his colourful, insightful and completely unorthodox presentations have been known to elicit rapturous standing ovation responses, as well as a tear or two.

Peter treats every moment on stage as a production, performance and theatrical opportunity. With an infectious sense of enthusiasm and his penchant for playfulness, he is, not without reason, regarded as The Willy Wonka of customer service.

Peter goes all out to surprise. His magical touches transport people to another world, while instilling hope there is a simple, more remarkable way of doing things.

So hold on to your hats, folks. And be prepared for moments of deep reflection and illuminating insights.

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