Jonathan Holloway

Jonathan HollowayJonathan Holloway is the Artistic Director and co-CEO of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, following four years as the Artistic Director of the Perth International Arts Festival, seven years as a UK Festival Director and seven years as a director at the National Theatre in London.

In each place he has delivered massive increases in audience and turnover, and has gained huge public and critical praise. In 2015 he delivered the largest arts event ever seen in Australia : Royal de Luxe’s “”The Giants””, which played to audiences of 1.4 million people over three days.

Over the past two years Jonathan has worked on distilling twenty years as an international artistic director, chief executive and cultural leader into advocacy, writing and public speaking about the value of the arts and culture, in a way that is humorous, inspiring and accessible to everyone, in order to help organisations and individuals increase their motivation, focus, storytelling and profits.

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