Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw CSP

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw CSPDr. Irena is a liberator! She is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within people and organisations. A highly experienced, qualified and respected corporate consultant, educator, mentor and professional speaker she knows what works and why when it comes to helping individuals and organisations grow and develop. She thrives on demystifying, enabling and facilitating innovation and creativity and is skilled at unlocking the enormous human potential that languishes within most organisations.

Dr. Irena has a rare combination of deep academic knowledge and real-world entrepreneurial experience. With a PhD in creative thinking and a Master’s degree in Adult Education, she is well placed to help leaders develop effective approaches to innovation and creative leadership. The result? Increased productivity, new business models, creative thinking and innovative outcomes.

She is the author of two books “”Leading in the Innovation Age,”” and “”Intrapreneur”” as well as the creator of the StrateGEE® method for identifying creative problem-solving preferences and the developer of a suite of programs for creating innovators and intrapreneurs.

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