Glen Sharkey CSP

Glen Sharkey CSPSharkey’s a CSP, primarily earnt through frontline, blue-collar leadership facilitation. He’s the president of NSANZ and has authored a few books.

But who is he really?!? 28yrs happily married (less for his long suffering wife), a father of 3 adult children (boy, boy, princess (actually her illegal/legal name)), a competitive football player, passionate woodworker, terrible welder, and a reformed Westie (Aucklanders and Sydneysiders will understand that term), starting out life as a sort of an orphan.

He’s trained all sorts, from bank robbers to corporate leaders (no comparison intended). He’s been a minister, a driving instructor, a commune inhabitant, and a professional clown, but regardless of the role, connecting with people has always been his primary aim!!

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