Dean Collier

Dean CollierDean Collier is “The Dean of Numbers”. He is a Personal and Business Leadership Futurist, is an International speaker, trainer, para-psychotherapist, with a clairvoyant business background, and has been a member of NSAA/PSA since 2002.

When people or groups of people seek wisdom, insights and personal leadership guidance, Dean’s intuitive sessions, workshops and training puts people in touch with their intuition to make clear decisions for personal and business success.

Dean’s maxim, “The discovery of inter-dimensional knowledge beyond the intellect is found in the vibrational patterns of nature, deep within the subconscious levels of humanity”.

Author of two books “The Nine Human Essences for your Business Success” and “The Nine Human Essences for your Personal and Relationships Success”.

Dean and Yvonne have fun co-directing Maddison Training delivering ‘people skills’.

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