Cam Calkoen

Cam CalkoenWhen someone says something is a ‘possibility’ Cam sees it as an ‘opportunity’ and the only reason for one to miss out is by not being competitive enough. Competition comes in many forms but as Cam shares a story about the pursuit of human excellence he showcases that our biggest competitor is the one looking back at us in the mirror.

Cam (who was born with Cerebral Palsy) has gone from doubting his ability to run, to representing New Zealand in athletics, winning championships in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, and now taking his winning attitude into diverse environments that encourage others to achieve their personal best. From projects that enhance relations amongst people of the world through to continually pushing through personal, physical and emotional barriers Cam ensures that life as awesome as can be.

Cams philosophies, values and dynamic vision has led to him to working in Japan, building a Tuberculosis Ward and School Library in Vanuatu, speaking throughout the world to over 100 audiences per year, sharing TEDx platforms with leading thought leaders and regularly having his leadership recognised in the form of awards and scholarships.

In 2006 Cam became one of the youngest recipient’s worldwide to receive a Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary. As a 21 year old this prestigious award (which he has since received twice) recognised the significant contribution he had made in turning a communities dream (the Yes Disability Resource Centre) into reality. As the Ambassador Cam was the figurehead to a NZ$4 million project, Cam learnt the power of spoken word and what it takes to make dreams real. During this time he saw the potential in linking his ever-growing network together with young people people so they to could develop tools and processes to realise their dreams, from this Cam founded the Carabiner Mentoring program.

Through the journey to make it into the top ten in the world for his sport Cam started to see the world as his playground and exited near the peak of his running career. Wanting to leave a much bigger impact on the world he didn’t want to compete in an environment governed by the abilities of his Cerebral Palsy but determined by the abilities of himself where the only thing limiting his competition was the size of his imagination.

Today Cam inspires people with universal backgrounds to dream big, because with big dreams comes a big life. With over ten years experience in fundraising, social entrepreneurship and inspiring the motivation of others Cam has packaged himself into an awesomely unique brand for those looking to create a lasting impact.

Cam doesn’t hide from the fact that he is still on a journey and his Everest is yet to be conquered. But perhaps it is his uniqueness as a speaker to be sharing an awesome journey in the pursuit of an awesome outcome that sees audiences connect with his message and absorb an energy that inspires them to dream big to achieve more!

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